Work Traumas

Work Traumas

In work we are told to act a certain way.

If you own a business, then you always have to act cool, calm and collected regardless of the situation or how you feel .
If you are in customer service, you are trained that the customer is always right, no matter how your emotions are effected .
If you are in an office and your work load has got heavier and with mobile phones, no cut off with emails coming in at night can be very overwhelming.
Numbing how you feel is not always healthy and can effect how you function in work and at home.

We spend half our life at work and with mobile phones and emails that could be more.

Getting a work- life balance is so important.

Here are some of the Traumas you can face at work

  • Clash of personality
  • Gossip
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Low motivation and job satification
  • Performance issues
  • Time management
  • If you get made redundant from a position that can have a huge impact on your life. When you decide to leave a company, it is your choice, but when you have been asked to leave, especially when you have been doing a good job. It can hurt! The Rejection, the feeling you are not good enough. The company could of been making financial structure changes and it was not about your personal performance, even though it felt very personal can have a massive impact of future careers and self esteem.
 Whether you are a Business Owner, an Executive, A Manager or are an employee work stresses can be overwhelming.
In business you can hire or employ amazing coaches that help strategise your business. They get you focused on financial and business goals. Problem Solving in all thing business.
Mental Well-being can have a huge impact on your business, that includes Financially and productivity.
People being off work or leaving a job through stress is massive.
Each time someone is off work, their work load get passed to someone else, having a knock on effect. If someone leaves then you have the financial cost of recruitment and training someone new.
Stress Is Not Time Restrictive
Your personal and business is not time bound.
Example your personal life does not just switch off as soon you go to work  and your Business life does not switch off when you go home. It would be amazing if it did but let be honest , it doesn’t.
Stress can effect every area of your life. That is why Mental Well-being support within the workplace is so important..
Being able to talk to someone who is independent allows for communication to be confidential and with No judgement.
It also give the option for a ‘Middle – Man’ when keeping the lines of communication open.

I offer individual session with a range of packages

You can have a one off session £90 ( Good if you are unsure and would like to try)

Package of 3 Sessions   £250   (£83.33 a session)

Package of 5 Sessions £400           (£80 a session)

Package of 6 Sessions £450       (£75 a session)

I also offer Businesses Mental Wellbeing Consultancy Services.

I can come into the work place and have a non judgemental and confidential coaching with yourself or your team.

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