Relationship Traumas

Relationship Trauma

Do you remember your first love?

You may be lucky (or Unlucky) and still be with that person now, but if you did break up from them, how devastating was it ? We learnt emotions that we never felt before. It was traumatic experience. It hurt. Maybe you fancied someone at school and they did not fancy you back. The rejection you felt.

You may of had several relationships, repeating old habits.

Relationships can be tough. It is about putting your trust in another person and if that trust is broken this can leave you with unwanted emotions and putting up a brick wall for protection. The problem with that brick wall is it can prevent you from missing opportunities, it can also cause you to blame yourself which can then lead to negative thinking and self sabotaging.

I want to help you gain back your confidence.

There are many different forms of relationships

Single.                                   Dating

Partnership.                          Married

Separated.                             Divorced

But the most important relationship you can ever have is the relationship you have with yourself . Anyone else that comes along , is going to be a bonus.

I want to help you release negative memories, unwanted emotions, grow yourself worth and confidence so you can have the most amazing relationships .

I offer

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