The Most Powerful Words That You Will Ever Hear Are The Words You Say To Yourself. 

If you can image your mind as a big computer. It records everything and anything that happens in your life. Including the words you are saying to yourself. 

On a scale of 1-10 How kind are you to yourself ? 

1 – l am not very nice about myself, I can be very judgemental 

10 – I love myself and only say kind things 

Where would you sit ? 

Think about when you look at yourself in a mirror, 

what words do you say ? 

Your mind does not understand I Can’t  and I Can. 

It will give you what you are asking for. 

It is also designed to protect you. It will look for pleasure over pain any day. 

Let me give you an example. 

If you are watching your weight and on a ‘diet’ this is when you are giving your mind tons of Mixed Messages. 

You say – I am going to be good , I am not going to eat cakes, chocolates, crisps or sweets 

So you say I can’t have cake, sweets,crisps, Chocolate. 

The mind does not understand I can’t , it just brings up a pictures of the item you are thinking of. Then it  searches in your memory for the last time you had that experience. 

It Then computes, did it bring you pain or did it bring you pleasure the last time. 

All your senses, taste, smell, emotions go into overdrive and jump into action and search for the result . 

As we all know cakes, sweet, crisps and Chocolate gives you pleasure while eating them. So the mind goes YES HAVE IT! and before you know it is in your mouth 😛

It is not until afterward you then start to feel disappointed in yourself. 

What words do you say to yourself then? 🥺

The high and lows of ‘Dieting’ . 

That is why Diets Do Not Work . 

Stoping craving, habits and beliefs is about changing your mindset and messages about food. 

Another example 

Expectation you put on yourself or another person. 

When you set unrealistic expectations of yourself you give yourself such a hard time when not achieved. Self sabotaging talk starts.

“I am not good enough” “I am a Failure” 

Break down your expectations, be realistic, set smaller goals to achieve for the bigger picture. It is very rewarding when you achieve even small wins, working toward the desired outcome. 


Be kind to yourself , even if you do not believe it. 

If you keep repeating positive words sooner or later your Mind will take over and give you what you are asking for.  

As The Most Powerful Words That You Will Ever Hear Are The Words You Say To Yourself. 

Jacquie Case 🙏❤️

Personal Trainer But For The Mind – As Your Mental Health Is As Important As Your Physical Health. 

( Grab a drink 5-10 minutes read – Enjoy )

Each Year people will talk about A New Years Resolution.
Why do we have to wait for the New Year to Make Plans And Goals .
Why not start today .
In the picture is a blank piece of paper . What do you want?
This is a great exercise if you are feeling ‘ Stuck in a Rut ‘

There are 8 main areas of your life.
Social & Community

On a blank piece of paper I want you to score yourself 1-10 ( 1 not good – 10- great) of each of the 8 areas of your life .

Now as you go through that list and if you find yourself scoring 5 or below for anything PLEASE do not take it as a negative.
It is a starting point for growth . You have to start somewhere .

Health is the main area of your life Why ? As without it you would be dead!
How healthy are you ?
what is your diet and food intake like?
Would you like to shed a few pounds ?
would you like more energy?
would you like to fit into different clothes?
Would you like to be able to breath easier?
Sleep better at night ?
Stop over thinking
Balance out the stress in your life ?

They say money makes the world go round.
Again this is not about what you do not have but what you do have .
Many people have no idea about how much money they have . Yes they can look in their pocket, purse, bank account. But what about the money you spend out each month . Do you budget ? Do know exactly what your bills are ? Do know what your budget allowance is for food, clothes, social, holiday, car, house hold costs. Could you there be a way of saving money . Do you have any plans savings incase something goes wrong ?

Love is so special. It is not all about the love from someone else but the love you have for yourself. You can not ask someone else to come into your life to make you feel better. That is one huge responsibility to put on another person shoulders. The person that come into your life should be your equal . They will have their strengths and you will have yours strengths.
If you are single , have fun while it lasts . Get to know who you are. Have a criteria list that you like in someone , write it down and put it out to the universe. Be careful that you do not write down unrealistic expectations.
If you have been hurt in previous relationship and you are finding it hard to meet anyone else . Question what stories you are telling yourself . Not All men or women are horrible. If you think that , it will make it true moving you further and further away from what you truly want.
If you are married or in a relationship what excitement can you bring to that relationship? What or where can you go to get that passion or flutters in your belly from when you first met ?

This is more Mum, Dad, Brother , sister, aunts, cousins anyone blood related.
You may have a fantastic relationship with your family , maybe you can not stand your family . But at least you have a 1-10 score to work from .
If you get on well with your family , have you ever told them how much you love them , appreciate them for the life they have given you?
If you do not have a relationship with your family or part of your family , do not beat yourself up . Sometimes in life things happen that are out of your control. You need to be proud of yourself for being able to do things on your own.

We spend half our life at work . Work is designed to give you a challenge, structure and discipline. With a financial reward , that then can give you choices.
If in work and you enjoy what you do, fantastic.
If in work and you are not enjoying what you are doing , what can you do to change it . It is not about jacking in your job but maybe start putting out the feelers or putting a plan to do something new .
If out of work, think about what you would like to do . What skills do you already have and is their a job out their that could use your skills ? Apply , come out of that comfort zone .

Goals .
This could be anything you want
Material objects
Places you want to see
Things you would like to do
Do not just have it in your head , write them out , what are you going to have to do to achieve them ?

When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? , you either thought you were going to wet yourself , crack your sides open or never more your jaw again from laughing so much. Life is what you make it !
How can you have more fun in your life ?

Social and Community.
Knowing what is going on around you can have a huge impact on your life . It can brings a sense of belonging. We live such busy lives that most of the time we do not even know who is living next to us or working in the company next to us .
I believe in this world it is not what you know , but who you know . Saying Hello and being kind can make someone else’s day .
Helping out local businesses. Buying from local businesses, do not always buy from online. It may be convenient and everyone wants it now but when you buy from local businesses that employ people that is about putting back into the local community where you live.

Ok, so, hopefully you have your list , you have your scores , then what ?
What are you going to do with that information next ?
Nothing , it was a nice little exercise.
Who is going to keep you accountable for the actions you take .

If you would like so help give me a shout .

Jacquiecase- Personal Trainer For The Mind
As your Mental Health is as Important as your Physical Health.

Trauma is part of life. Everyone will experience some sort of trauma or upsetting experience in their life. 

Loss of a love one 

Loss of a pet

Being lost in a supermarket 

Falling over 

Falling off your bike 

Not getting what you want

The boy or girl not fancying you back 

Not getting the job , losing a job 

Relationships break ups. 

You may have also experienced other extreme traumatic events 


Rejection as a child

Sexual assault

Sexual abuse 

Domestic violence 

Your parents separating 

Vehicle accident 

Sports injury 


Fighting / arguments 



Traumatic events can be very confusing especially depending on the age it happened. The symptoms of trauma can be shown in a number of ways. 




Panic attacks



Mood swings






Addictions – food, drink, over spending, sex, Smoking , drugs

Avoidance of events or people. 

The most confusing thing of all this, is the fact they may of happened many years ago but you are still feeling the effects of them now. Today. 

Is this you ? Can you relate to any of the above? 

When upsetting events happen it can be like on a continuous loop. You are stuck, repeating and not having closure. The why, why ,why going round in your head. Or the numbness of being cold and unemotional. This can have a huge impact on your time and the people around you. 

Pills are not always the answer – they help you numb and trigger happy chemicals which are false but they do not allow you to close the chapter and move on. 

I want to ask you to do something , right now. 

If you have experienced any of the events above and they are causing you upset today . I want you right now , at this moment, to reach out and touch that event . Physically touch, not emotionally, physically. 

You can’t 

Not physically 

You can run pictures and movies in your head, on a continuous loop but right now all you have around you, is your phone, iPad, or computer that is allowing you to read this. As right now you are reading this not experiencing the event from the past. 

That makes your past an illusion. And you can not predict the future. All you have is the here and now. 

Your choice is what you choose to do with your time. 

Live in the past

Rush,panic, and try to Control your future 

or live in the here and now. 

Which one do you want ? 

If you would like any other information or would like to truly let go of past experiences. I know I can help.  

Message me for more information 

Jacquie ❤️🙏