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Many people answer that question with “I am OK“ even when they're not, as it is easier then saying how they truly feel.

There are many reasons why someone does not emotionally feel good about themselves or the way their life is going.

I specialize releasing traumatic experiences from past events weather that be from your childhood, school, work or relationships

A traumatic event is an incident that causes physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological harm. Someone who experiences a distressing event may feel threatened, anxious or frightened as a result of this incident. Even if it happened years ago, it could still be having a negative impact on your life today.

You mind is a powerful thing. It is like one big computer. The conscious mind is the screen and the unconscious mind is like the files of a computer storing everything and anything that has happened in your life. The good, The Funny, The Bad and The Ugly.

When you have happy experiences you can very easily recall these events as they make you feel good and you can time stamp them and know when the event happened.

When you have traumatic experiences in your life, they do not get time stamped. Which means you can feel the emotions attached to that event today. Even if it happened years ago. It can be like a continuous loop, keeping you stuck from moving forward.

This is where I would like to help.

I am Jacquie Case Personal Trainer For The Mind. As Your Mental Health Is As Important As Your Physical Health.

I am trained in a number of tools and techniques to help release negative memories, unwanted emotions, low self worth which may have caused you to feel a loss of identity.

Service I offer

Personal Trauma

Relationship Trauma

Work / Business Trauma

I offer 100% Free Consultation

The best relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)

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Jacquie is amazing at what she does! I know her through some excellent training we both completed. Jacquie is professional, understanding and very patient. She has had some fantastic results for clients around Anxiety, PTSD and anger issues, and has helped them move on with their lives. I would totally recommend Jacquie if you need help with issues that have been with you for years and you need to resolve them.


Since I was a little kid I’ve always remembered being petrified of dogs and it got to the point where I can’t go for a walk on my own, won’t go to friends houses who have a dog and I literally feel paralysed with fear. I can’t believe that I’m about to write this but after 1 session at the age of 42 I was not only stroking a dog but I was able to pick one up and not feel afraid at all. That to me was a miracle. If you’re curious at all just give it a go!


Just finished my 2nd IEMT session with Jacquie. She is amazing! I’ve suffered from anxiety and PTSD for years and had more issues than Vogue. After the first session, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in a long time, I feel good!. Thank you Jacquie x



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